Glaucoma is a chronic disease that affects over 300,000 Australians and if left untreated can cause blindness. Based on international developments and to improve the outcomes for people with Glaucoma, our client wanted a secure platform to allow Ophthalmologists to work with Optometrists to treat and manage Glaucoma.

Starting with a summary of the outcome, we worked with our client to develop a description of the system. We then developed wireframes of the important the screens, identifying what data needed to be collected.

From there, we developed a secure AWS hosted, web application with all data being encrypted to protect the privacy of users data. Given the importance of the data, all services are capable of being HIPAA certified. Productivity was a key requirement for the user interface. Being a dynamic web app, users can receive automatic app updates, multiple times a day.

The initial build for the system took 5 months and we have been working closely with our client for 3 years to improve the efficiency of the system. It is used on a daily basis to help manage the care of ~700 Australians.