Stephen Fry

Could you cope if your blog went global?

‘Dancing with the Black Dog’ is a candid blog about one man’s journey with anxiety and depression. The blogger, Mark Pacitti, had successfully arranged for Stephen Fry to tweet about his blog. With over four million followers on twitter, it was expected that Stephen Fry’s tweet would generate significant traffic to the blog and so the server capability had to be upgraded. The new server had to be able to handle up to 1,000 visits a second. That’s a lot of visits!

X Marketing was tasked with finding a solution and managing it. We chose to use Amazon EC2 servers to handle the spike in visitors in combination with Amazon’s load balancing software. The tweet went out at 2am AEST and we watched, in real time, as 100’s of visits each second landed on the website…..with no problems at all.

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