Don’t Get Wet

Say goodbye to getting caught in the rain, the washing getting wet or the kids getting soaked at the bus stop.

Thanks to the Don’t Get Wet App you can receive an alert, directly to your smart phone, a matter of minutes before it starts to rain.

The app uses complex technology that accesses data from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) radar images and applies predictive rain flow patterns, based on the Horn-Schunck flow modelling methodology, to predict where and when rain will fall. Essentially, this is a mathematical method for evaluating the averages of change in a series of images, which is applied to the data from the BOM radar. Very geeky, but also very cool. If you want to know more about the methodology you can read about it here.

The App has been a huge success and become a Top 10 App in the iTunes store. To Download the app please visit –

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